AHSTigerLife Live Streaming Sporting Events


Roman Cleary, Football Director

The Pandemic has effected everything and everyone all around the world. Arlington High School is no exception; or to be more specific for this case, Arlington High School Athletics are no exception. Sporting events at AHS have been noticeably different this year, due to the fact that attendance this year has been limited to parents and other family members for the actual athletes. Fortunately, as they always seem to do, ACS has found a great solution. Various sporting events at AHS, including all home football games, are being streamed live on the AHSTigerLife YouTube channel in a student produced production with minor assistance from teachers and other facility members. ‘’The actual game takes a couple of commentators, 3-4 camera people, director, technical director, producer, CG, instant replay, audio,’’ said Mickey Hutson, the Director of Forensics and an AHS Film Teacher, on the specific personnel it takes to make these live streams happen.


These live streams are not as simple as you might think, they actually take a lot of hard work and dedication from those involved. ‘’Much of it is manual labor-running cables to setting up cameras and hauling all the equipment out. It is also about everyone doing their specific job during the game. Announcers announce when there is action, audio has to monitor commentators and field mics, camera people have to listen to the director who must watch all the monitors and tell the technical director which camera or instant replay to take. Scores have to be constantly updated, depending on the sport,’’ Hutson had to comment. He also added, ‘’The process is pretty much like any other show. There is pre-production, Production and Post Production. Moving all of the equipment, making sure batteries for cameras and headsets are charged, running audio and video cables, setting levels, checking white balance and iris levels for cameras, hooking computers for scores up are all pre-production. Production is the actual game. All cameras must follow directions of the director, Commentators listen to the producer for instant replays and breaks, scores are updated, audio levels are monitored and adjusted for the Production. Post Production means wrapping all cables up, taking down cameras and mics, bringing in platforms if we are outside, hauling all equipment back in to the studio.’’


There are also some challenges involved with getting the live streams up and running. There are things that have to be done before the actual game day that take some effort. ‘’Scheduling the games with the coaches, securing the volunteers for the games, setting the equipment up, covering all the stations, making sure all of the equipment is working, striking the equipment,’’ Hutson said on what really goes into producing the live streams. In terms of the pandemic, he had this to add, ‘

The biggest challenge since the pandemic hit was the means by which we get student workers… This year we have to rely on volunteers to cover each spot.”

— Mickey Hutson

’The biggest challenge since the pandemic hit was the means by which we get student workers. Last year, we were able to mandate that students in certain classes worked for a grade. This year we have to rely on volunteers to cover each spot.’’


Obviously, a lot goes into these live streams. It take preparation, hard work, and great efforts from everyone involved.