How COVID-19 affects college students

How COVID-19 affects college students

Harley Eason, AHS Journalist

COVID-19 has affected the way that students learn because they are no longer able to attend class like normal. I have chosen to interview Payton Johnston to get the inside scoop on what college is really like now. Payton Johnston is a senior at the University of Memphis. She studies exercise, sport, and movement sciences in hopes to attend grad school very soon for occupational therapy.


According to Payton, COVID-19 has not only impacted her undergrad schooling it has also affected her application for graduate schools. She says that not being able to get enough observation hours and experience has been very difficult. It is “very challenging trying to learn virtually”, which is probably the case for most people as well. Payton’s major is “not normally offered online so going from never taking an online course to them being all online can be very hectic.” Payton’s courses “require very hands on testing and lab equipment and without that experience it is challenging trying to learn, expand knowledge, and write reports and research on.” Her classes also require group projects and virtually it is not realistic. Payton states that socially the college experience is completely different. She does not get the daily face-to-face interaction with her classmates, friends, and professors which can have an impact on her mental health and school performance. COVID-19 has also affected Payton financially because the online courses are more expensive. This pandemic as affected college students very negatively.

I have found it very challenging trying to learn virtually.”

— Payton Johnston