New Lab Equipment Makes Learning Enjoyable


Joey Gibson

Arlington High School is introducing a new lab this year called the Fablab. With the Fablab being put into action, new equipment will be introduced. Ms. Sandlin-Rogers has informed us that there are five main types of equipment being added to this lab. The main lab equipment consists of Shopbot (CNC Router), Industrial vinyl machine, 3D printers, Woodworking, and Industrial LaserPro. Ms. Sandlin-Rogers says, “It opens up a new level of thinking and application for our students.” The students will be able to use the new equipment when in the lab, but must be sure to follow all safety procedures before doing so. The new Fablab will open up new ways for the students to learn and communicate, while having a good time. We are excited to see the students using the new equipment and what the future has in store for the Fablab!