AHS Volleyball Quarantine


Abbey Harper, Twitter Manager

During their very successful season, our AHS Volleyball Team got quarantined. On September 10th, they were exposed to COVID when they played their opposing team. When asked how she felt about the quarantine, Kalin Duncan responds, “ I was super sad because I really wanted to play that week and I didn’t want to miss a week of school and practice.”  As we all know, being in quarantine can be very difficult. Kalin tells us, “ We were all upset but we knew that it had to be done, just to be safe. We were all just grateful that we got to continue on with our season once the quarantine lifted.” Kalin and her team used this experience to grow together as a team. “ This made my team stronger because we realized that we can’t take our season for granted and that we need to continue to grow throughout this crazy year. As the lady Tigers Varsity team continues their season, they have made decisions and taken precautions to prevent this from happening again. “ As a program we decided to wear masks while we play because this will lower our chances of getting quarantined again!”