A Summer in the Mountains

Jack Glenn, TigerLife Director

Summer workouts are one of the most crucial parts of the cross country season. However, runners attack this section of the season differently, especially senior, Brent Lyons.

While his team was running in the heat of a Southern Summer, Brent was running in the thin mountain air. This summer, Lyons took a trip to Colorado for high altitude training. He was invited to Team Prep USA with some of the best runners in the country. Brent held his own, as he finished top 7 in nearly every run.

When asked about his experience in the summer, he said, “I felt like I improved my time, and I made a bunch of new friends.”


It was magical

— Brent Lyons

During the first two weeks, the camp was held in Gunnison, home of the Black Canyon and Western Colorado University. The second two weeks were in Crested Butte, a popular destination for Ski Resort goers. A fun fact about Crested Butte: the 1972 film “Snowball Express” was filmed there.

Lyons was running about 60 miles a week, up in the Rocky Mountains. “I felt like I was away from the world, in my own bubble.” The altitude of the mountains can increase oxygen flow to your muscles, aerobic capacity, and lactic acid tolerance. So, running in the mountains is therapeutic and good for your muscles.

After the first race of the season, Lyons knew that he had made the right decision. He took home the gold, in the classic gold uniform.