AHS New Courses


Lucus Stacks, Staff

Over the past four years that myself and many other seniors have been at AHS, there have been many changes to not only faculty and staff, but also to the selection of classes you are able to take. Senior journalist Joshua Morgan, a fellow AHS student, has given me his input on all the current and future changes. He adds, “Since I started as a freshman we have gained many new great teachers, as well as many new great classes and programs.” AHS has many great “career based” classes such as Machining, Mechatronics, ROTC and Welding, which enables students to get certifications and can help them start their career straight out of high school. Josh said, “I think its great that Arlington offers these courses because they are valuable trades that can be used after after high school, and its a significant opportunity for students that don’t plan on pursuing college. Lastly he adds, “There are already so many courses that AHS has to offer so I wouldn’t change any of them, I think they are already doing a good job of keeping student interested in learning.”