AHS Choir vs. Corona

Kendall Taylor, staff

The Arlington High School Vocal Music Department has been one of the more successful programs here in recent years. However, the new Safety regulations from the Shelby County Health Department have impacted the AHS Choir in how they can rehearse and perform.

Mr. Jeffrey Chipman, the AHS Choir director, has uplifted his students throughout the year to encourage them to engage in online activities and practicing in class. “Choir is a deep form of communication and human connection.

Choir is a deep form of communication and human connection”

— Mr.Chipman

” With the regulations in place, choir classes can not take place in a traditional sense, with students in close-knit rows, singing outwardly.  A “normal” rehearsal for choir now  is going into the rotunda at AHS, a large open-air common space, stand 6 feet apart in a straight line, and rehearse.

Arlington High School Choir recently participated with other schools and programs to create online, virtual concerts. These concerts have been made available online for family and friends to continue enjoying the music from Arlington High School students.

Despite overcoming some main problems, this year has definitely been a challenge. Choir class requires students to sing aloud, interact, and join together. Choir is “a form of engagement”, says Mr.Chipman. “I feel my students engagement has has suffered. They are less social with their peers and have not connected personally as much with each other or me.”  “The continuation of this year will be a work in progress but the dedication of the students and they’re willingness to learn and adapt have most definitely helped the year progress.”


There have been a lot of good and challenging things happen to  the choirs of Arlington High but it is nothing but it is nothing a good mind set and dedication wont handle!