AHS Football Finishes Season After Quarantine

AHS Football Finishes Season After Quarantine

Roman Cleary, Football Director

The Arlington Tigers were having a successful season. They were 5-4 and very much in position for a playoff berth. However, nearing the end of the campaign, things started to go wrong. An outbreak had occurred within the football program, but Arlington managed to handle it as well as possible. ‘’We only had two players test positive the entire season so I was pleased that we were able to make it as far as we did before we had to quarantine.  It was still frustrating for the team to have to miss a game because you want those guys to enjoy each game on the schedule if possible but you have to take this virus serious and safety of the team is always more important than playing a game.  I believe our coaches and players did an amazing job this year following all of the protocols that were in place and that is the reason that we made it as long as we did before having our first positive test,’’ said Head Coach, Adam Sykes as he remarks on the situation. He then added, ‘’As soon as the players tested positive, it was reported to administration and they assessed the situation.  Once they went through their checklist, we were told that the team and coaches had to quarantine for 2 weeks.’’


There were multiple challenges that came with the outbreak. One of them was scheduling. The Tigers ended up having to forfeit their game on October the 23rd against Collierville. Fortunately for them, they then managed to secure a victory against Cordova due to their forfeiture of the game, giving Arlington a 6-5 record to finish the regular season. The biggest challenge for the Tigers, however, was the Quarantine itself. Sykes commented that, ‘’I believe the players, especially the seniors, hated having to miss the last regular season game of the year.  They were fortunate that their season didn’t end in quarantine and that they were able to play a playoff game.’’


As Sykes mentioned, the Tigers were able to play in a playoff game against Collierville. Unfortunately for Arlington, they didn’t end up on the winning side of the contest, ultimately falling short 30-20; however, being able to play in the game was a victory in itself. ‘’Because of the 2 week quarantine and how the schedule fell this year, there was a 36 day gap between the last 2 games of the year.  It was definitely something that we have never experienced but I was extremely happy with how our guys came out and competed against Collierville in the 2nd round of the playoffs.  As a coach, I couldn’t ask for any more effort and heart than what they displayed during that game.  When a season ends it is never easy but these guys know how fortunate they were to have even been able to play this year with the current situations like they are.  A lot of schools didn’t even get the chance to have a season this year.’’




As a coach, I couldn’t ask for any more effort and heart than what they displayed…A lot of schools didn’t even get the chance to have a season this year.”

— Adam Sykes