Emma Wagner article

Maryclairewagner , Staff

Emma Wagner is a college student at Memphis university. She currently is working at a boutique called “Therapy”. She says balancing school work and work is very difficult. She is a sports and medicine major. She loves helping people, so she loves her job and major which she says makes life easier. One tip she gives to help balance school and work is getting a desk calendar and writing down every assignment she has and when she is scheduled to work down. She says this helps with time management and making sure she gets everything done on time. With COVID happening she has only one in person class, so a lot of her work has to be done at her apartment. COVID has affected her college life. One example is how it affected her sorority. They are no longer able to do their fun activities because most of them break COVID guidelines. She is very upset about it, but understands it’s for the best for the community. Emma has come up with ways to make her college life better and her work life better even with Covid completely changing everything about it.