Former Girls’ Soccer Star finds Purpose after Injuries

Yara Kahel, Sports Journalist

Arlington High Schools Soccer program is growing and has
had the best record in girls soccer history here at Arlington.
The teams success goes far beyond the players that are able
to play on field. One major component that stands out
to this teams success, is former soccer player Gabbey Ayers.

Gabbey suffered not one but two ACL injuries her sophomore year.
The first injury happened in September of 2020, putting her out of the sport she loved
for over a year. This is difficult to overcome alone especially after
Playing soccer all her life.

Shortly after coming back from a long hard fought recovery, she had to
experience the entire process all over again, experiencing the same injury
in November of 2021.Come to find out she would neverbe able to play
soccer again. Despite how discouraging this is Gabbey kept her head up
and still found a way to be involved in the sport she loved.

“I talked to the Coach and told her I wouldn’t be able to come back and she
offered me a spot to be the manager”

Gabbey took the position of manager and her support on the sidelines
leads this team to success. Her roles as manager includes setting up the
camera, equipment, and taking stats. Although watching all her friends
play can betough, it doesn’t stop Gabbey from showing up to every game
with the same positive attitude that reflects onto the girls on the field
and changes the way the team plays.

“Whether she knows it or not, she’s always there to bring us up and get us into a
Positive attitude.”

Whether they know it or not, The Arlington High School Soccer Team is
lucky to have Gabbey as a manager. And she’s grateful for the
opportunity given to her that allows her to be around the sport she loves
For just a little longer.

The Arlington Lady Soccer Team will continue to play what may be their
final game of the season this weekend. Gabbey will continue to support
her teammates for the rest of this season, and next, hopefully pushing
them to victory.