Sports Media Spotlight: Noah Valencia

Jack Glenn, TigerLife Director

Noah Valencia is a junior who has been in the film program for three years. He began his freshman year, but he didn’t know that it would turn into this.

He played travel baseball when he lived in Chicago, and the love of sports continued when he came to Arlington. He didn’t keep playing, but he stayed involved in watching sports. It eventually grew into working on a lot of the livestreams last year. He wasn’t expecting this role, however. “Honestly, I started film because I needed my fine arts credit. But, I really enjoyed the technology aspect, so I stayed with it.”

Noah’s favorite part of sports media, and the thing he is best at, is building graphics.

“(Building graphics) is so addictive. As I’ve started doing more research about it, I’ve realized that it is actually a viable career.””

— Noah Valencia

Noah is thinking about a career in building graphics. “I know a few people who could get me into the industry, if I figure out the program. If I can go straight into a career in something I love, and avoid all of the money and time of college, I absolutely will.”

He became addicted to building graphics, especially moving graphics. “Regular graphics are fun, but motion graphics are absolutely the most fun to build.”

Noah does his best work, in order to tell stories. His best work, however, comes from a place of desire to get a job. “In order to get a job(in graphics), you have to have knowledge of the program, as well as high quality work.”

Noah is one of our most experienced people in the control room of the livestreams. Next year, he will be the most experienced person in the control room, as we will have lots of seniors leaving. He will, hopefully, be staying for one final year. “I know that the senior exodus is coming, so I’ve been preparing for it. I kind of like that I will be the go-to guy next year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to learn how to operate all of the equipment and do all of the jobs behind the scenes.”

Noah is also open to commentating, but he is more of a background type of person.

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