Gus Vandervoort | From Heart Attack to Crossfit Trainer

Lucas Black and Logan Menser


Working on a documentary can be time consuming and difficult. On the surface it seems simple, plan, interview, get some b-roll, and edit, but each step comes with its own challenges that can delay everything.

This quarter my partner, Lucas Black, and I, starting brainstorming ideas immediately. Originally, we were going to talk about working while in school, while we liked the idea, we decided it was a bit boring.

Lucas found a coach at a local CrossFit gym that was willing to be interviewed and we jumped at the opportunity.

I began to prepare the interview questions and after a few revisions they were complete.

Now for the interview, we had a date to film at the gym and get the interview. We arrived and began to film, we got a ton of quality footage and everything was going smoothly, until the interview.

We realized we forgot a vital piece of equipment for the interview. Bring pressed for time, we decided to attempt the interview anyway.

We thought all went well until we got to school the next day. We opened the files and played the interview, much to our disappointment, the audio was horrible, lots of static and background noise.

We tried to salvage the interview by editing the audio but it was simply too far gone. We had no choice but to redo the interview.

At this point thanksgiving break was the next week but we got the equipment, planned the interview, and left school for the break.

A few days later we arrived to the gym just to realize that we had another problem, our SD card wasn’t working. I was able to find another one but by that time the short window we had for the interview was closed.

We went home once again disappointed. We got one last chance to film the interview and we knew it had to be perfect, we prepared and made sure nothing could go wrong. I got to school Monday morning to an email, and email about a game that afternoon, the day of our interview.

I knew I couldn’t go so I had to ask Lucas to take over for me, he agreed and luckily, everything was successful.

Now for editing, with us both having other assignments to complete first, we spent a week getting everything else done. With everything now out of the way we could fully focus on editing.

We began by just getting the audio ready, then inserted the b-roll, and adding music.

Finally it was ready. After weeks of hard work and dedication, we did it. Time to upload!