Arlington High adds new Women’s Wrestling

Noah Certion and Julia Hardee

Julia Hardee & Noah Certion

Arlington High School is adding a brand new dynamic to an “old” sport. This year, the athletic department is adding on a Girls Wrestling Team. The team this year consists of 5 members, Ariel Williams, Hannah Medlock, Allie Barker, Sarah Moses, and Jamaiya Joyner.

Sarah Kelley who teaches English 9 Honors and who is one of the co-sponsors of Student Council. She says that she was exited to find out about a Girls Wrestling Program Coming to Arlington, and that girls here at Arlington finally get a chance to wrestle. She says, “It was something that when I was in high school, I actually wanted to wrestler and that was not an option for me; so I’m really excited to see this as an opportunity for the girls here at Arlington who want to take this opportunity, and get their chance!”

While this program is new to Arlington, and Mrs. Kelley is new to coaching wrestling, she’s gotten a tremendous amount of help from the boys wrestling team. “I know literally zero about wrestling. I’m learning everyday. Coach Pfizer has been coming and helping out because he knows a lot… I’m learning just as much as the girls everyday on the mat.” Coach Sossaman who is the English 9 Teacher, Associate Head Wrestling Coach, and co-sponsor of Student Council says that when it comes to wrestling, Mrs. Kelley is a fast learner.

Mrs. Kelley’s goal for this season was to have a team full of ten members. Even though they were shy of that goal, Coach Sossaman wants more people to get involved with wrestling. He says that it doesn’t matter whether you have a sports conflict. They are looking for anyone with different body types. While the sports hours might be a little too much to some, he says that the program awards discipline to anyone that enters the program. He says, “I tell people up front… you’re going to work harder than you’ve ever worked, but you’re going to be tougher because of it.”

This year’s wrestling team may be small, but there are a few girls that may surprise some people. She says, “We do have a few people who are really all in and who are just ready to get out there and throw some people around, and I can’t wait to see what they can do. They’ve been in the weight room throwing people around surprising the heck out of people and then they’ve started working on their skills and they are throwing girls around.”