The Arlington Trappers seek to win back-to-back National Championship


Ben , Earnest

The Arlington Trap team is getting ready to start competition season. They will be defending their national title for the third year in a row. The Arlington Trappers have won National titles for over 10 years.

Trap shooting isn’t a well-known know sport but many people find it enjoyable once trying it out. There are squads of 5 and each person takes turns shooting at an orange clay disc. You rotate through 5 stations and shoot 25 shots. Then, you repeat the process three more times, shooting 25’s making 100 in total. Players get a score based on how many you hit out of the 100 marks and you are competing against thousands of other shooters at the larger tournaments.

Arlington High School Sophomore, and Trap Shooter Wes Earnest, says “Trap is different from any other sport, you determine whether you win or not. No one else can carry you to a victory. You can’t blame anyone besides yourself.”

The Arlington Trap team has won many awards previously and is on track to win the national championship again this year. Trappers, Hunter Tipler and Carson George recently earned their “100 Patch.” This means they shot one hundred birds in a row and got a personal best of one hundred shots out of one hundred, a perfect score.

Arlington High School Senior, Benjamin Earnest, says,”Trap is more of a mental sport, you have to stay completely focused for a long period of time.”

The Arlington Trapper’s website, features updates, photos, and details about the team. While not currently sponsored by the TSSAA, the Arlington Trappers still provides an abundance of opportunities for Arlington youth. The Arlington Trapper’s boasts itself on being  a positive and supportive educational-athletic organization that exists to introduce school aged youth to clay target and shooting-led sports. Led by trained adult coaches focusing on enhancing the personal growth and development of their athletes, the organization facilitates their continued involvement by providing, promoting, and perpetuating opportunities to safely and enjoyably participate and compete in a high-quality, team-based sport.

Trap Shooting Nationals happens in July 2023 in Michigan.