AHS Football standout Kenny Walker is gaining yards and scholarships


Kevin Lewter

Kenneth Walker Jr. against Raleigh Egypt

Aaron Moser, Content Director

ARLINGTON, Tenn. (Arlington Community Schools) – Just hours after scoring five touchdowns against Raleigh Egypt on August 17, Arlington Senior Running Back Kenneth “Kenny” Walker Jr. announced on Twitter that he had received an offer from Austin Peay University.

In another prolific performance on Friday night, Walker ran through the St. George’s Gryphons to add five more, bringing his season total to ten touchdowns in just two games. He has contributed 60 points to the total of 105 Arlington has scored in their two victories to start the season. It’s easy to see why the offers are still rolling in.

Walker first caught the eye of college coaches and scouts during his junior year when he ran for 1,195 yards and 24 touchdowns.  His name then appeared in several preseason articles, and his blazing start to the 2018 season has only increased that publicity. 

“Learn the name. Remember the name. Respect the name,” Local 24 Memphis Sports Reporter Jessica Benson said about Walker in a recent news highlight reel. Scrolling through Walker’s Twitter feed offers evidence of the attention he’s received, but it also highlights the thankfulness he has for God.

“I give all the glory to God,” Walker said in a recent interview with the Commercial Appeal. “I’m just going to keep working hard.”

So far, Walker has announced that he has received offers from Western Kentucky University, Middle Tennessee State University, Arkansas State University, Kent State University and many others. “At one point I didn’t think I would get any offers,” Walker said. “When I did start getting them, I was thankful.”

AHS Football Head Coach Adam Sykes is one of Walker’s biggest supporters and is proud of the way he has matured in his leadership. “It’s special, not everybody gets college offers,” Sykes said. 

It’s special, not everybody gets college offers.”

— AHS Football Head Coach Adam Sykes

Referencing an NCAA statistic, Sykes said that only around 6 percent of high school football players get to play in college, but Walker’s talent has increased his chances. “He’s a multi-faceted guy who can play several different positions, which can help him get scholarships,” Sykes added.

For now, Walker is keeping an open mind and will evaluate the relationship with each coaching staff before committing to a university.

Walker’s love of the game began at age five, and he says one of his goals now is to one day play in the NFL, which Coach Sykes believes is possible for those who work hard.

“He’s got a lot of potential,” Sykes said. “He just has to keep working and never think he has arrived. Those are the guys who typically play well on Saturdays and ultimately get a chance to play on Sundays too.”

The Arlington Tigers resume action on Friday night with another home matchup at 7 p.m. to begin regional play against Houston High School.