Taylor V.


Mallory Stevens, staff journalist

I believe that the school is taking the most precautions they can to prevent COVID-19, and I hope this new normal continues to keep us safe. ”

— Taylor V.

With the new school year and COVID-19 some people have different thoughts on this year. I got insight on Taylor VanDuzee, is a senior at Arlington High School. She is a member of the AHS Varsity Cheer team. Over her 4 years of high school she has participated in Princesses of Patients, Spanish Club, Recycling Club, Beta Club Arlington Ambassadors, and she has held leadership positions in Arlington Collegiate Academy and HOSA. She currently is a hostess at Brendalay Grill in Arlington. She enjoys the hybrid schedule, however, she feels like the teachers are piling more work than usual.

Taylor enjoys taking very high levels classes, her class schedule consists of AP Government, Digital Journalism, Dual College Algebra/Elementary Calculus, AP Research, Dual English, Dual Nursing, and Work Based Learning. On her virtual days she spends all day doing her school work, due to the teachers assigning more work. She says “my work load is too much at the moment, but she feels like soon it will either slow down or she will just get used to it” On her virtual days she wakes up at 6:45 am because of her AP Government zoom call at 7:00 am. She says  “Dual Nursing is giving her the most challenges because the class is completely set up like a college class and I was not expecting that.” She said “I am staying on top of assignments as best as she can so she does not risk being behind. Also, I usually ask my teachers when I am unsure of something.’’

Several people are not having the right attitude about schools due to the masks, new schedule, and having to social distancing. Taylor said “I believe that the school is taking the most precautions they can to prevent COVID-19 and I hope this new normal continues to keep us safe.” She says “one benefit to the new straight 7 schedule is that I get the chance to have each class everyday whether in person or online.” She feels like she has adjusted to the new schedule pretty well. Taylor likes in person school days so that she has the chance to ask teachers questions when she is confused, however, she also likes the aspect of wearing her PJs all day on virtual days. She says “as long as the teachers staying understanding about the new virtual platforms and late submissions for the first few weeks, that my grades won’t be too negatively impacted.” She enjoys having straight 7 schedule, however, without the block schedule she feels that there’s less time in classes.