Christian C.


Dylan Keith, Staff

Christian Culver is 17 year old who loves shoes. He constantly goes thrifting to see if there’s anyway he can profit off of anything he can get. He enjoys making money and working on his shoe business. “My biggest inspiration for shoes and my style is probably Travis Scott. He’s my favorite artist and there’s just something about him that different that I cant wrap my mind around. He’s just got it like that.” Culver buys and resells high dollar sneakers, and he doesn’t plan on stopping.


Culver took full advantage of the corona break. He works 3 different jobs and made time for all to make the most money possible. “I just feel as if I can get myself out there financially early on, ill be better off in the long run,” said Culver. His financial statement means as much to him as shoes do, and his main goal is to make a living in the shoe industry and become a millionaire. “

The love for money is the root of all evil, so I guess that makes me the devil.”

— Christian Culver


For this year, Culver decided to take the all virtual school option. “I love that I can plan my day out with this schedule and get my work done on time. It takes me 3 hours max to get all of my work done and I can carry on with the rest of my day and get done what needs to get done.” He likes that it gets him ready for college classes and how those will be presented. Culver also has much more time to do his research on the latest sneaker drops, and what next big purchase he will make.


Culver plans to attend either Southwest Tennessee Community College or Memphis, major in business, and get his shoe selling business to a good start. “Ive been a sneaker head for as long as I can remember. I see many influencers doing what I love doing with shoes, so why can’t I?”