Margaret P.

Joshua Morgan, Staff

Margaret Presley is a senior soccer player at Arlington High School. COVID has introduced many new obstacles that both the school and its sports have had to overcome. One such obstacle is the new hybrid schedule. Many have mixed opinions about the new hybrid schedule. When asked about this, Margaret states that “I think adjusting to the hybrid schedule will actually make the adjustment to college a little easier. The transition between high school and college is pretty drastic but now that we are learning to do some of the work on our own, I think the transition will be easier.”

This year has definitely presented its challenges but it’s all about how you overcome those challenges.”

— Margaret P.

She explains her schedule as “I am in the school building on Wednesdays and Fridays.” This new schedule has made changes to some students workloads. Margaret says that “My workload varies. On my busiest days I spend about 6-7 hours on work, but it is spread throughout the day due to practice time.” Despite all of the challenges that COVID has introduced, Margaret states that “..its all about how you overcome those challenges.”