Teaching during the pandemic


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Maggie Earnest, Journalist

The pandemic has struck everyone in the world harshly, and we know how badly our healthcare workers are struggling during this pandemic, but now I wonder, how are our teachers? I interviewed a preschool teacher at Lakeland Elementary to see how they have been affected this year, and just how much of a change it has caused for not only their school environment but also their students.

I love the unexpected moments that occur each day! This might be a non-verbal student speaking for the first time, or even watching two students interact. –Jessica Earnest

Jessica Earnest teaches special ed preschool classes at Lakeland elementary and says “ This year is like no other, and even though the kids have to social distance, we still make it fun! For instance every morning we have a wake up activity where the kids dance and get a preview of what they are going to learn today. The nature of preschool is play, so we try to implement that factor every day through a fun and engaging activity!!” We hope that these kids continue to have fun in the classroom and also remember to stay safe!