AHS welcomes German Foreign Exchange Student

Baylor Bartlett

Emma Wilkins and Baylor Bartlett


Bent is foreign exchange student from Germany who came to America for his junior year of high school. He lives with his host family in Arlington, TN. He has 1 sister back at home in Germany. at his host families house they have a dog named Winnie. He enjoys: Band, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, and watching sports.

When asked if he would encourage other students to do foreign exchange he responded with: “I think coming to a different country at a young age seeing and learning new things is such a cool experience, I wish everyone could try this”. He seems to really enjoy America and the friends he’s made here. He felt very welcome.

Bents biggest piece of advice is to go out of your comfort zone, He says the best way to make friends is just to go talk and socialize. He has made amazing friends with a bunch of the students here already. He’s made many connections with students that like going to the gym.