AHS New Lacrosse Team


Kayla Chapman

Landon Zachry, Staff

In Arlington, Lacrosse has been revived. After years of losing and never amounting to anything the team has seen new light.  New Head Coach Jared Coleman approached this program 2017. He could tell the team was tried of losing and he saw great talent in what we had. Jared was an amazing lacrosse payer in high school and played in college. The team new if anyone would help, he was the man for the job. ” Coach Jared is the best, I have never learned so much and improved like this with any other coach, and he’s a great friend.” – Drew Gallaher. His first season with the team didn’t live up to everyones expectations though. The team did not do well and didn’t make it to play-offs. The next season was different. Win after win the team finally had confidence. As it was announced that they made it to play-offs they new that all the work payed off.  Coach Jared lead the team all the way to the Conference Championship that would send the team to the State Championship. They battled and fought hard but they have never knew that pressure and they crumpled. ” We fought hard, we weren’t used to playing teams we have never seen before and we held are own but that being said we still could have improved.”- Coach AJ.  It wasn’t the outcome they wanted so they worked harder. The next season after losing most the starting line-up to them being seniors the team did remarkably well. They went undefeated in their division and once again made it to play-offs ever battling though injuries and suspensions. Coming into play-offs they were frowned upon and they were given the bottom sed even though they had a outstanding season. Having to go against they very talented Paige High ended their state run. ” I’m ready to get out there and just play again, last year didn’t end the way we wanted and know we have to fight to get back, we have been doing that since day one.”- Noah Davis.  The team is looking for revenge as they added new pieces too the puzzle and they are ready to start their season off with a bang next Friday against St. Georges.