Keeping Shoppers Happy During a Pandemic


Abbey Harper, Twitter Manager

Black Friday will look a little different this year due to social distancing protocols. Several stores have mandated safety protocols to help Black Friday run a little smoother this year. Marisa Murphy, who is manager of Mozelle, was asked what she predicted the turnout for Black Friday would be. She said, “Although we don’t know what this year’s Black Friday will bring, we are still expecting a great turnout while still maintaining the mandated safety protocols.” Mozelle Boutique is taking several precautions to keep their employees and customers safe. For example, Mozelle Boutique was only allowed to have half capacity inside at once. This precaution was taken to limit the amount of contact the costumers had with each other. Murphy says, “When costumers come through the door we will check their temperature, make sure they are wearing a mask, and provide hand sanitizer. We have spaced out the racks evenly throughout the store to help maintain social distancing.

“Hopefully this will help keep everyone safe so that our doors can remain open.“”

— Marisa Murphy

” The main goal for our boutique is to keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy. You can find Mozelle Boutique in Germantown Tennessee or shop online at