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Lacrosse teams success

Davis Cornelius, Staff April 6, 2018

Lacrosse teams success In Arlington the lacrosse team has recently been having major success. In the past the Arlington lacrosse team has never had much success and always had trouble having a winning...

Arlington Tigers Track and Field

Cezanne Bush, Asst. Editor-In-Chief March 9, 2018

The Arlington Tiger’s Track team is a team filled with exceptional athletes. They are always contending for gold medals and qualify every year for the state meet. One of the most consistent teams that...

Source: Mark Weber/The Commercial Appeal

Moser: Should Tiger fans be content?

Aaron Moser, Content Director March 6, 2018

On Sunday, Memphis ended the regular season with a 90-70 victory versus East Carolina at FedExForum. They finished 19-12 overall and 10-8 in conference play, which earned them the 5th seed for the AAC...

The Moser Show Ep:4 Why the Grizzlies should not trade Marc Gasol

Aaron Moser, Content Director January 26, 2018

The Grizzlies season has been dissapointing this year, and a lot of talk has been going around about how Memphis can rebuild it's roster. Aaron Moser explains why trading Marc Gasol is not the solution. Calkin's...

Moser: Line changes, Three Pointers, and Rhodes College Men’s Basketball

Moser: Line changes, Three Pointers, and Rhodes College Men’s Basketball

Aaron Moser, Content Director January 26, 2018

Last Friday night, the Rhodes College Men’s Basketball team defeated Sewanee 124-104. You read that right. They scored one hundred and twenty four points. In comparison, the NBA average is 105.6 points...

Source: The Commercial Appeal

Moser: Bias is a problem in College Football

Aaron Moser, Content Director December 13, 2017

• 12 wins and an undefeated record • 7 wins against bowl eligible teams • Conference champion • 9th Best Strength of Record (Source: ESPN) • Highest scoring offense in the nation • QB...

The Moser Show Ep: 3 Mike Norvell returns… what now?

Aaron Moser, Content Director December 6, 2017

In today's installment of the Moser Show, Aaron Moser assesses the future of the Memphis Tigers Football program with Mike Norvell still at the helm, and breaks down if Alabama really should have gotten...

The Moser Show Ep:2 Memphis vs UCF, Can the Tigers redeem themselves?

Aaron Moser, Content Director November 30, 2017

The AAC Championship will arguably be the biggest game in Memphis football history. Aaron Moser breaks down the matchup, and how the Tigers can win.

The Moser Show Ep:1 Why are the Grizzlies losing?

Aaron Moser, Content Director November 15, 2017

In the inaugural episode of “The Moser Show,” Aaron Moser discusses the latest struggles of the Grizzlies. They started the season 5-1, but since that point Memphis has been 2-5. So what is going on?...

Memphis beats UCLA 48-45

From Disappointing to Praiseworthy

Memphis sports has transitioned into success like never before.
Aaron Moser, Content Director October 30, 2017

In 1877, the first professional sports team came to Memphis. Since then, no professional or collegiate team in baseball, basketball, or football, has won a national championship. The Grizzlies moved from...

Arlington Lacrosse: The Documentary

Aaron Moser and Aaron Washington August 30, 2017

The Arlington Lacrosse program was started in 2013. This year they are poised for a great spring season as they have more than doubled their player base. Fall ball starts in September and you can find...

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