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Effects of Marijuana on The Human Body

Holly Conrad, Staff

May 1, 2018

What is marijuana? Marijuana is cannabis that can affect the brains of anyone. Teens are especially added into this factor as people or family will smoke the cannabis around them. There is negative effects that marijuana may have on the brain causing disorders or high risk illness. Many studies ...

Man fires gun in front of White House

Christopher Jackson

March 9, 2018

A man commits suicide in front of the White House. The incident happened March 3, 2018. Cameron Ross Burgess 26 was identified by the Metropolitan Police Department. They say he pulled out a concealed weapon and no one but the shooter was injured. He was declared dead at the scene. After that happened...

Message in a Bottle

Peyton Johnson, Staff

March 7, 2018

Message in a Bottle A message in a bottle is a pastime that doesn’t get used nowadays. Used many times by sailors before modern communication devices were even thought of. A woman from Australia has found a bottle dating back to the late 1800’s, 132 years old. The bottle was thrown into the Indian...

2-Day Robbery Spree Has Ended

Blake Dorsey, Staff

March 7, 2018

Source: SCSO Two Memphis men were recently arrested after going on a 2-day robbery spree. The two men managed to stay on the run for 2-days by snatching car keys from unsuspecting civilians and then taking the stolen car to another place that they wanted to rob. The men robbed a Marathon gas station...

Mental Health

Peyton Johnson, Staff

March 7, 2018

Mental Health Mental Health is a very important topic. Depression and other types of mental health issues can effect anyone at any time. Most of the time when we think of mental health we hear about teens being depressed or elderly people just getting too old and their mind slipping with dementia...

Kids Can

Joey Davis, Staff

March 7, 2018

Arlington High School is partnering with the Memphis Food Bank to help kids in need of food. The days of the food drive are March 5-9. Every third period needs to bring canned foods in and the winner receives a gift card from Kroger to have some sort of party. The canned foods must be non-perishable...

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