From Basketball to Family

Brooklyn Criswell, Bree Alvarado, and Vic Reisinger

Video by Brooklyn Criswell, Bree Alvarado, & Vic Reisinger

Dermont Green fell in love with sports at a very young age, but he never would’ve thought that he would meet his future family through basketball. Dermont met teammate, Harley Kaelin, through basketball where they grew a close friendship that eventually turned into a brotherhood.
Dermont Green is one of twelve kids. Along with his other brothers and sisters, they lived in a very small house for his life. He was able to get into the sport of basketball, where he would meet Harley. “I would’ve never thought I would get a brother out of playing the sport of basketball, and if it wasn’t for Harley’s family, I don’t think I would’ve had the opportunity to play football and basketball for Arlington,” -Dermont Green, AHS Senior. Many struggles and challenges were presented to Dermont that no longer made his living situation manageable. When Harley and his family caught wind of this, they decided to open up their home and their hearts. What was originally intended to be a temporary situation, has now become a legal and permanent one. The Kaelin family officially welcomed Dermont into their family by legally adopting him.
In more ways than one, basketball was able to bring families together. Dermont now has a forever family who will love and support him endlessly, thanks to the sport. Although he has put down his basketball, the relationships he has made will last him a lifetime. Dermont continued his sports career in football for his senior year.